OS/400 V3R2 License Keys for hobbyist use

Lyle Bickley lbickley at bickleywest.com
Sun Mar 25 21:52:31 CDT 2007

On Sunday 25 March 2007 15:06, Zane H. Healy wrote:
> At 10:46 AM -0800 3/25/07, jim wrote:
> >Sharing keys is not legal, but acquiring the box with all the software
> >may be doable, including keys.
> Depending on your budget, it looks to be possible to buy such systems
> off of eBay.  IIRC, it would cost $1000-3000.  Yes, I occasionally
> look at AS/400's on eBay to see what is available, even though I've
> not bought one. :^)

AS/400's are regularly available here in the Bay Area (California). Prices for 
smaller systems range from $100 to $250. They are generally in excellent 
condition. I've seen many with disk drives (very important for AS/400's as 
they use a AS/400 specific drives). Contact me off-list if you want me to 
"keep my eyes open" for one.

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