BA23 setup and DZQ11 configuration

David Betz dbetz at
Tue Mar 27 07:40:03 CDT 2007

>> I'm starting to collect some qbus equipment again and am trying  
>> to  setup a system around a KDJ11-AA CPU.
>> My current configuration is:
>> BA23 enclosure
>> KDJ11-AA (m8192)
>> MSV11-QC (m7551 cf)
>> DZQ11-M (m3106)
>> RQDX3 (m7555)
>> TQK50-AA (m7546)
>> First, will it be possible to boot this configuration? Can I setup  
>> to  start the KDJ11 in ODT mode and enter a bootstrap for the  
>> RQDX3 by  hand? How long a program would I have to enter?


Thanks for your detailed response. In fact, I'd like to thank  
everyone on cctalk for the great advice I've received. Based on all  
of your input, I've arranged the following change to my PDP-11  

BA23 enclosure
KDJ11-B CPU (includes console port and boot rom) (m8190) (thanks Dave!)
MSV11-QC 4mb memory (m7551 cf)
Sigma RQD11-EC ESDI controller
RQDX3 for RX50 (m7555)
TQK50-AA for TK50 (m7546
DLV11-J (for extra serial ports) (thanks Julian!)
Possibly a Viking SCSI controller (for CD-ROM and maybe a hard drive)

I have at least one working ESDI hard drive so that will be my boot  
device. My real problem is removable media. Even though I have an  
RQDX3 to control an RX50 drive, I don't have a working RX50 drive.  
Same goes for the TK50. I have non-working versions of both drives  
but nothing I can use to move software onto my system. Anyone have a  
working RX50 and/or TK50 drive they can spare?


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