2.11BSD source code browser and xref

Walter F.J. Mueller W.F.J.Mueller at gsi.de
Tue Mar 27 12:46:43 CDT 2007

Ethan Dicks ethan.dicks at gmail.com wrote:
>> Hope you enjoy it. Comments, suggestion ect are very welcome.

> I had one tiny suggestion from what I browsed - when parsing out the
> callers of functions, it might look nicer to not point out that
> 'main()' is never called, since, technically, it _is_ called by the
> startup code stuck on a binary by the compiler, and since it's defacto
> entry-point into the code anyway.

Good point, _main deserves indeed extra treatment. The startup code
is by the way in


with the call to _main in line 124.

> That's about all I can come up with except to wish that when the tool
> is in better shape that someone has the time to run 2.9BSD sources
> through the same treatment (2.9BSD still runs on non-Split-I&D
> machines like those equipped with an F-11 chip - 11/23, 11/24,
> Pro350).
> -ethan

This is indeed the intention. The rules to locate include files,
to link globals, or to decide what is kernel, lib, or user, is in
a configuration file. To set this up for 2.9 BSD or UNIX V7 and V6
should not be difficult, in particular if one starts with the more
complex case and goes back in history.

		With best regards,	Walter

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