BA23 setup and DZQ11 configuration

Jerome H. Fine jhfinedp3k at
Wed Mar 28 22:01:48 CDT 2007

 >Allison wrote:

>A good substitute for RX50 is an RX33 (aka TEAC FD55GFR) or  an FD55F
>setup as non1.2mb.  RX50 drives are actually two platters but one head 
>positioner and they are 96TPI like the mentioned FD55F or G.  These work
>fine with RQDX2/3 as a RX50 substitute.  I have one configured that way.
Jerome Fine replies:

If you have a failed RX50, then I suggest that you
take the case and put 2 * RX33 inside.  You will
probably want to attach the case to the RX33 to
keep everything tight as well as attaching the black
plastic sled to the bottom.

It should then be extremely easy to add a second edge
connector for the second RX33 drive a short distance
in front of the edge connector for the first RX33 drive.
Make the edge connector for both drives without any twists.

A very short Y power cable then provides the power for
both drives instead of just the first RX33.  All of the
connections and cabling fit VERY nicely in the space
between the end of the RX33 drives and the rear of the
case from the RX50 drive.

Finally, you MUST also set the select for the 2nd RX33
since there were no twists on the cable for the edge

I don't remember how to set the select for the second RX33,
but it was not too difficult when I needed to figure it out.

You then wind up with a very nice DUAL RX33 equivalent to
the dual RX50 and looking almost the same until you look
closely at the handles to lock the floppy into place.
Plus, you don't have a bare RX33 drive.

Sincerely yours,

Jerome Fine
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