Xebec Winchester controller

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jd wrote:

>biblewitness.org.uk wrote:
>> jd wrote:
>>> HP's number for this OEM board--by MSC/Xebec is 88134-69910, 09135-69515, 
>>> and/or 09135-69501. I have no idea which number belongs to mine.
>> FYI: These are all used on 5Mb drives with two sets of firmware classified as follows:
>> 88134-69910 'L' Code - HP250 Model 20 
>> 09135-69515 'D' Code - 4-Volume 5-Mb (emulates HP 9895A drives - I use this for my 9845B and HP-85 & 87 systems)
>> 09135-69501 'L' Code - single volume 5-Mb.
>> Martin
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>Thanks. That's useful.
>Now if only I knew what the Xebec part numbers were for the HP
>I have four different sets of Xebec firmware. Two of the sets have the
>"D" or "L" formats, selectable by jumper.
>One of those two also works with 10Mb disks but will only format the
>10Mb as 5Mb or the 4-volume "D" format.

AFAIK HP only used the above three (MSC) controllers (for ST506), after which they designed and manufactured their own controller for their 5 (ST406), 10 (ST412)  and 15Mbyte (ST419) Winchesters.
For what it's worth, the HP controller number for their 913xB drives is 09133-69514. For 10MByte: J6 Pins jumpers (10M, One Volume and 4XX) are all installed. I've no info on The 15Mbyte configuration.

Hope that helps, 

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