HP 2116 on ebay

Brent Hilpert hilpert at cs.ubc.ca
Sat Mar 31 01:09:02 CDT 2007

Jay West wrote:
> This is a classic HP currently on Ebay, a decent 2116C model. Item is
> 290099957210
> What is so special about it, besides the obvious? Seller updated the auction
> listing with a card list. It appears to have two of the (rare) 12920/21 mux
> sets (32 ports), something that is required for all versions of TSB. I'd be
> willing to trade a nice mux panel for them in exchange for one of the two
> mux sets ;)

Going by the card list presented by the seller and what can be discerned from
the picture of the card cage, the unit is missing the core memory boards.
Other memory module boards for what should be 16-24 KWords are present but the
actual core boards appear to have been pulled.

(There are also some discrepancies between the card list and the card cage

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