NeXT slab SCSI fault

Steven N. Hirsch shirsch at
Sat Mar 31 08:40:25 CDT 2007

On Fri, 30 Mar 2007, Jules Richardson wrote:

> Anyone know if NeXT monochrome slabs have dual SCSI buses (one internal and 
> one external) or not? I've got one here that resolutely refuses to talk to 
> any internal SCSI device [1], but will happily talk to (and boot from, if 
> necessary) external devices. In fact, if anything is plugged into the 
> internal bus at all then the system won't even boot from an external device.

I have an SGI Iris Indigo that behaves in a similar manner iff the 
external drive has any sort of termination enabled.  Sort of 
counter-intuitive, but by removing termination from the external drive 
inclosure it's quite happy.


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