SGI workstation sequence

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Thu Nov 1 04:35:54 CDT 2007

On Tue, 23 Oct 2007 23:02:02 +1300
"Ethan Dicks" <ethan.dicks at> wrote:

> So for the more experienced SGI folks - do you feel that an Indy or
> Indigo is responsive enough to be reasonable to use, or is it worth
> holding out for something newer and most likely more expensive to
> acquire?
At least here in .de prices are down to around 300,- EUR for a 600 MHz
Fuel or 100,- EUR for a single R12k CPU Octane with (E)SI GFX. If I
where in the business for spendig money on a SGI workstation I would go
for a Fuel. The Fuel allways comes with VPro and the VPro does textures
in hardware. On the older (E)SI GFX you need special TRAM for textures
and this TRAM is rare, thus expensive. 

An Octane can get expensive if you want to upgrade it to the level of a
Fuel. I.e. 500..600 MHz and VPro GFX. Price will explode if you want
dual 500..600 MHz CPU on the Octane. Dual 300 MHz R12k is affordable,
but for desktop use a fast single CPU system is more effective then dual
CPU of half the speed. (At least for me.)

A R10k Indigo2 is still usefull. But the Indigo2 is a bit limited in IO
and memory bandwith. An R10k Octane will outperform it.

If you can spend money: Fuel.
If you can't: mid-range Octane.

I don't know about the Fuel, but the Octane as loud as a vacuum cleaner!



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