IMI drives (was WTB/WTT S-100 Chassis (UK/Europe only))

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> Re: Looking for IMI drives for a Cromemco:
> Another solution would be to find an STDC HD controller; then you could
> use most ST406/512 drives, and they'd also be quite a bit faster (and it
> would be a lot cheaper to ship ;-). I'm running two 150MB Maxtors and
> two 20MB IMIs on the same system BTW.
> I don't believe there are any CDOS drivers for it though, so you'd have
> to run any CDOS or CP/M programs in Cromix.
> As an aside, there's also an ESDI/SCSI controller; they're pretty scarce
> and your card set wouldn't support one AFAIK, but there is at least one
> person out there putting a 1.2GB disk into his Cromemco (you know who
> you are); not sure if it's working yet though, looks like the
> drive may be bad.

An STDC would be nice and I agree, in some ways perhaps more desirable than
the WDI-II but I haven't seen one come available for a looooong time (YMMV).
I also prefer not to lose CDOS or the possibility of CP/M (although I always
preferred MP/M-II even for single user use).


Well, yes, My M does V... ;-)

But you wouldn't "lose" CDOS or CP/M, just direct HD access from CDOS; 
I haven't seen any CP/M drivers for a WDI-II and IMI HD - have you?

If Cromix couldn't run your software for some reason or you want the CP/M 
"look and feel" you could always still run off a couple of 1MB floppies and 
then use Cromix to archive your files on the HD.

Anyway, just thought I'd mention it in case you happen to run across 
an STDC before you find an IMI HD.


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