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>> Hm, I thought I had a copy but I've just dug out a pair of user manuals
>> instead....but wait. One is the earlier draft and the other is the later one
>> that has the PAL Specs written by Geoff Boyd himself as well as full
>> schematics - this should be the book that has the modifications to rectify
>> my dead machines? Time for some mid-afternoon reading I think!
> That sounds remarkably like the manual I rememebr reading 10 years ago...
> Any chance of the schematics and PAL equations being copied or scanned
> sometime? _One day_ I might get round to looking at this fine machine...

If my scanner is playing nice I can get them online, yes. It normally has a
fit when I try to use it, bless. Also, that manual isn't the one that has
the mods to restart the clock so they must only be in the service manual?

They ARE lovely machines. One of these days I'll also find out why my FDX
subsystems aren't well too - I have 3 and they're all dead.....


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