CD player repair

Tony Duell ard at
Mon Nov 5 17:42:47 CST 2007

> The general discussion list is appropriate for discussion of the following topics:
>       * classic computer hardware, software, and documentation. We
>         define "classic" as "at least ten years old, plus or minus cool
>         factor";
>       * computing in general ten or more years ago; and,
>       * fringe topics relevant to the pursuit of the hobby, such as
>         electronics, moving heavy equipment, and cleaning techniques.
> Sounds like electronics to me.

I've always understood that to mean 'Electronics _as related to old 
computers_' In other words, asking how SMPSUs work is OK (particularly if 
you're repairing a PERQ 1 that's just gone bang), asking how to fix AA5s 
is not.

Otherwise, since 'moving heavy equipment' often involves motor vehicles, 
then discussions of how to fix your car would be on-topic, etc...


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