BASF ST412 drive error codes...

Christian Corti cc at
Mon Nov 5 05:40:06 CST 2007

On Mon, 5 Nov 2007, Jules Richardson wrote:
> Anyone have a reference handy to tell me what that particular error code 
> means? I suspect it's the same on various BASF ST412 drives, so a manual from 
> one of their other models might give the answer too. I'm kicking myself as I 
> found these once a few years ago online and now they seem to have vanished.

I've found the error code descriptions in the BASF 6188 manual (online 
e.g. on

  The Select-LED is used to flash error-messages in case certain fault
  conditions should arise. For FAULT code displacement the red colored
  front panel LED will be lighted. The information is presented in a
  sequence by switching the select LED off. This means that the dark
  Phases of the LED are counted to get the error code according to the
  following table.


   2 Motor Speed outside - 10% and Motor stop

   3 STEP received while WRITE GATE is active

   4 Motor Speed outside 1%

   5 REZERO fails after POWER ON

   6 Motor does not rotate inspite of MOTOR ON active


  In case the unit was not selected by the Controller when an error
  occurs (Select LED off) the LED will first be switched on and then
  the above explained sequence takes place.

You've said that you have three short pulses followed by one long pulse:


In your case this would be error code 4.


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