Chris M chrism3667 at
Mon Nov 5 17:56:39 CST 2007

now you know what would be real nice...

hows about a way of sampling a video signal somehow
and piping onto a USB 2.0 port. 480mbps IIRC, and the
fastest dot clocks of old digital cards is around
25mhz, again IIRC. So on paper at least it's feasible.
Then you can display it on a laptop screen. Complex no
doubt, and then there's the s/w element. Whatever.
 There was a discussion on a similar note earlier this
year. Some had said that certain LCD monitors
(TV-monitors?) would sync down to TV frequencies
(obviously if it was designed for broadcast signals).
If this is so, you'd still need voltage conversion
(TTL -> analong). 

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