Stats on the first known HP Computer at the South Pole

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On Tue, Nov 06, 2007 at 05:52:41PM -0800, Tom Watson wrote:
> I wrote:
> > Jay, other HP fans,
> > 
> > I finally got a chance to re-examine the article on the wall...
> > from "The Antarctic Journal", December 1976, page 286...
> > During the 1974/1975 Austral Summer, UC Davis sent down a pair of
> > HP 2100S machines to Pole. 
> Wow... Something I know about!  
> I was there for the installation for those computers.  They were
> 2100A's (not 2100s).

I just checked the original article.  Perhaps there's a typo with it,
but it specifically names them "HP 2100S".  If there's no such beast,
perhaps 30 years ago, someone mis-read something.

> I dont' remember much about the line printer, but there must have been
> one, probably one of those mini Dataproducts goodies (80 columns). 

The model isn't described, but the stats are "80 columns, 365 lpm".

> Thankfully they had 32k of memory, since the RTE stuff took up 
> quite a bit of room, and the machines didn't have disk drives.

The article does mention that disk drives were not sent because of
concerns of reliability issues. 

Nice to hear from someone who knows a little about it.  If there are
any nice advertising brochures about the HP2100(A), it might be nice
to hang them up on the wall by the article so people can compare
what we had then to what they have now.  The few pictures that are up
there are very small - like color copies of 3"x5" prints.


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