Televideo Terminals TS-800A (UK)

Jim Attfield james at
Wed Nov 7 17:00:10 CST 2007

I have just been told about the availability FOC of the following:

3-off Televideo TS-800A terminals with keyboards (believed RS-232 and
believed serviceable)

2-off IBM Monitors 5153 (condition unknown but I had one a while back and it
was serviceable)

2-off IBICO printer calculators 1050 and 1060 (condition unknown)

These are headed for the dump unless a home is found fairly quickly. I don't
have a need but will gladly put any takers in touch with the owners or in a
pinch will collect and store for a short time pending final collection.
Sorry, no shipping possible or arrangements outside the UK.

Current location is Coventry (UK) but equipment can be relocated to Redditch
(UK) or Stourbridge, West Midlands (UK). I don't imagine the current owners
will be keen on protracted or complex arrangements as they just want rid so
preference is likely to be given to someone willing to take the lot. A chit
will need to be signed affirming the kit has been removed so that the owners
can substantiate that it has not just been dumped for audit purposes.

Any interested parties should email me off-list at
james/at/attfield/dot/co/dot/uk. Please be quick - I'm pretty sure it won't
be kept for long.


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