MC68000 "size" (was Re: modern serial terminal)

Sean Conner spc at
Thu Nov 8 23:10:09 CST 2007

It was thus said that the Great woodelf once stated:
> All this red herring's is about the data path.
> The address calculations are done 32 bits rather than
> intel's segment offset 16 bit hack. The real cry is you don't
> have 32 bit direct addressing[2] on the 68000 so it is not 32bits.
> What could use it today as modern[1] OS's don't have static addressing 
> anymore?

  What do you mean by 32-bit direct addressing?  The 68000 has a 32-bit
absolute address mode.  Okay, it only supports 16 bit offsets from a
register (A* or PC).  I'm not sure I follow your argument here.

> [1]Something after the 70's not running Fortran.
> [2]pointer indirect is normal array accessing, not static.

  I don't understand what you are saying here.

  -spc (done my fair share of 68k programming)

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