Oddball hard drive failure...

Christian Corti cc at corti-net.de
Fri Nov 9 03:38:57 CST 2007

On Fri, 9 Nov 2007, Jules Richardson wrote:
> I've got a Magnetic Peripherals 94211-91 SCSI drive here where the magnets 
> for the head stack seem to have been coated - at least around the edges - 
> with some form of paint. The paint's now begun to flake off, jamming up the 
> head assembly and preventing the drive from seeking properly (sometimes it 
> wouldn't spin up at all, other times it'd spin up, flop the heads around as 
> much as it could, and then power down again)
> Anyone seen this particular mode of failure before? It's a new one on me...

Oh yes... I have an HP 97536-60051 ESDI hard disk with the same symptoms. 
The magnets are painted black and this paint flaked off (into lots of tiny 
bits and also into dust). But the paint seems to be magnetic as the flakes 
and (most of) the dust stick on the magnets and are hard to remove (even 
with a brush and vacuum cleaner).


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