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On Fri, Nov 09, 2007 at 12:31:21PM -0500, Bryan Pope wrote:
> And thusly were the wise words spake by Jules Richardson
> > 
> > Jos Dreesen / Marian Capel wrote:
> > > To think I left a chicklet keyboard pet in a dumpster, just a few years 
> > > ago.  "Too much stuff, it's just a PET, I can always get another.."
> > 
> > We still seem to get them offered to the museum in healthy numbers - including 
> > the chicklet models (and once in a while one of the blue-fronted ones, which I 
> > believe are the earliest).
> > 
> Also, if it has the 320008 motherboard with working 6540 ROMs and 
> 6550 RAMs made by C= as opposed to later off the shelf 2316B ROMs 
> and 2114 RAMs...

I know C= made static PETs with 2316s and 2114s, but I've never seen one.
All the chiclet-keyboard PETs I've personally laid hands on had 6540s and
6550s.  Does anyone have any sort of stats for how many static PETs were
made after the switch?   And didn't C= offer 8K dynamic PETs for a short
time?  (16 x 4Kbit DRAMs)

In other words, about how many of the later static PETs were made compared
to the earlier ones?


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