CDC Terminal (was Commodore PET)

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Fri Nov 9 17:48:54 CST 2007

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On 9 Nov 2007 at 14:17, M H Stein wrote:

> Control Data Corporation
> QSE 1253 Display Controller
> QSE 1255 Display Equipment

Maybe Billy Petit recognizes this.  Before I saw the above, I was 
about to declare it an Intercom terminal controller (Intercom 
stations were used for remote job entry).  But QSE is CDC parlance 
for "Quote for Special Equipment" (as opposed to QSS "Quote for 
Special Software").  Which means that it was a custom-order job, 
perhaps for a defense customer.



Makes sense. Assuming I'm looking at the right PCB rack it's pretty
modular; the cards all look pretty well the same and it also had a quite 
large and some smaller diode matrix boards, so I guess with the right 
cards, backplane wiring and diode placement you could make it do 
pretty well anything.

Defence? In Canada? We're your peace-lovin' neighbour who welcomes
our enemies with open arms (and without the kind of arms you carry 
down there)...


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