HP2116 inventory

Jules Richardson julesrichardsonuk at yahoo.co.uk
Sun Nov 11 12:03:07 CST 2007

James A. Markevitch wrote:
> Jules,
>> We recently managed to (finally!) get our HP 2116 machines out of 'deep store' 
>> and into the light of day, and some initial cleaning work was done on the 
>> panels earlier.
> It appears that many of the boards, especially in the 2116C, have just
> been placed into arbitrary slots.

Yep - given how many of them are loose, that's highly likely (and particularly 
given that there were three lumps of core just parked in the front of one 
case). Unfortunately I ran out of time to pull the rear panels off the 
machines to see if there was anything in there - we'd stood around and 
speculated that there might be (particularly as there didn't seem anywhere 
obvious to bolt the core in the front half of the cabinets).

> You will also need to double-check some of the part numbers on the boards
> to be sure that the 2116B and 2116C boards have not been put into the
> wrong chassis.  For example, it may be that some of the boards in the
> 2116B are 2116C boards and vice versa.

I'm sure it's quite a mess. I'm quite relived that there are any boards in 
there to be honest - I had a horrible feeling we were going to open the cases 
and just find empty backplanes.

> I can send you a more complete list of which boards belong in which
> slots, but that will be just part of the story, in order to get these
> machines running.

Don't worry about it - I just thought I'd take the time to see what (if any!) 
boards were in there whilst I have the chance, and then just throw it out onto 
the mailing list to see what people thought. I expect it'll be quite some time 
before anyone has any time to actually try to get anything up and running - 
way too many other projects in the way first! :-)

> Overall, it looks like you have close to a complete 2116C and 2116B,
> though you are missing the I/O boards that would have been used
> in a dual processor system.

It's possible they're still in storage and just not inside the machines for 
some reason. We've got non-inventoried HP stuff spread across three different 
rooms, and I know there are some boxes of boards in one of the rooms. Sadly 
I've never come across the documentation for them, so it's nice to hear 
there's docs out there still.



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