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Sun Nov 11 21:42:45 CST 2007

> Those Apple // cards, are they the actual 100% emulation of the //e or
> //c under old PDS Macs?  Was there a SCSI 5.25" drive for Macs that
> would read the Apple // disks?

They are LC PDS only, not generic PDS, and are very simple cards with a
65C02, a "Mega II" chip, an IWM for floppy control (more in a moment) and
256K of RAM. Essentially, it's a IIe on steroids, on a card.

I have never heard of a 5.25" SCSI drive for the Mac, and if you connect
a 5.25" UniDisk to a Mac floppy port you will destroy the Mac FDC and
possibly the floppy drive electronics. The II card came with a weird 26-pin
Y-adaptor that had a floppy connector, and you plug the UniDisk into that
(the other part of the Y was for a joystick).

If you didn't have a disk drive, you could still use the internal FD if your
Mac had one, or a hard disk partition, but in both cases they had to be
formatted as ProDOS.

Performance is best described as pedestrian on early LCs (mostly due to slow
video, not CPU emulation, obviously), but is quite nice on later ones. If you
find a Colour Classic, you can make a very nice portable Mac *and* Apple II.
My Colour Classic has SCSI Ethernet, so it doesn't need to have anything in
the PDS slot (thus the Apple II card can go there).

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