TU-81+ and KLESI help sought

Jay West jwest at classiccmp.org
Wed Nov 14 14:40:23 CST 2007

My apologies if I asked this before, but still can't find the answer or any 
responses in my overstuffed inbox :)

I have a TU-81+ that I'd like to hook up to my 11/44.

1) I can find no documentation for the KLESI-UA board (M8739). Can someone 
kindly point me to what the switch/jumper settings are for that board? I do 
see much mention of the M8739 in the TU81 manual, but nothing about 
jumper/switch settings. Maybe I'm just missing it :\

2) The disc currently connected to the 11/44 has RT11 v5.04 on it. Does that 
version of RT11 support the KLESI-UA attached tape drive or do I need to 
upgrade RT11 or get an additional driver for it?

Really I'm just wanting to see if the 11/44 "sees" the TU81+. I was hoping 
to see it under "SH DEV", but if it's not supported on 5.04 perhaps theres a 
toggle in I can use to see if it's there?

Any suggestions or advice is most appreciated!

Jay West

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