MIT provides MULTICS source and documentation (DPS-8 simulation)

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Thu Nov 15 00:43:49 CST 2007

> > On the other hand, there was the 6551 ACIA emulation in software for
> > the user port, which was buggy to boot. People may make fun of the Plus/4
> > but at least it had a real ACIA.
> They did?  (Looking in handy box of manuals,  but plus 4 isn't in there...)

Yup. Memory escapes me, but I think Commodore even managed to screw that up
somehow with some lines missing or something (Jim Brain might know, I can't
find my Plus/4 notes a/t/m). Still, I used a Plus/4 as a terminal for awhile
until I got a SwiftLink. That Plus/4 even did the apartment budget back then.
Not a bad computer, and the graphics were nice, just strange and incompatible.

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