Variations on Commodore monitors

Tony Duell ard at
Thu Nov 15 17:33:03 CST 2007

> Well, it's certainly got the chickenhead logo on it, at least.  I'll
> take a closer look at the label on the rear tonight and look for more
> identifying characteristics.

Maybe looking at the main PCB will reveal something. The typical Philips 
monitor this is likely to be based on -- the CM8883 and related models -- 
has a sparate PSU board standinger vertically at the RHS of the unit 
(with the power swtich built onto the fixing bracket, thenre's a main PCB 
flat at the bottom with a daughterboard for the RGB inputs. The colour 
decoder IC is likely to have a Philips (SAAxxxx) number too. 

Am I correct in thinking this will have separate Y and C inputs on it? If 
so, it's not any of the common Philips models simply badged, but it might 
be a very simple modification of one.


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