New acquisitions (PDP 11/40 DecDataSystem and 11/10)

Ashley Carder wacarder at
Fri Nov 16 13:58:56 CST 2007

This morning I moved some newly acquired PDP-11
items into my shop. Among the items were a beautiful 
PDP-11/40 DecDataSystem in a yellow / red color scheme
along with a TU10, PC05, and RK05F, another standard 
PDP-11/40, a PDP-11/10 with a Laboratory Peripheral 
System, RX01, and TU60 DecCassette unit, and a pieces
parts PDP-11/20.  Also included in this shipment was
an LA36 DecWriter II that has a phone handset modem

You can check out some pictures at:

I have not done anything with these items besides
move them into my shop.  The 11/20 is in pieces in 
a box, and I have not evaluated the completeness of
it yet.  I did see the toggle switch front panel, but 
do not see the plexi that goes with it.  I have the CPU
box, but some boards are loose in another box.  I need
to take inventory to see exactly what I have.  

Ashley Carder

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