what the heck is it

Curtis H. Wilbar Jr. rescue at hawkmountain.net
Sat Nov 17 20:34:46 CST 2007

jim s wrote:
> Curtis H. Wilbar Jr. wrote:
>> I 'rescued' a unique piece of computer equipment...
>> Here is the data:
>> Raytheon
> I would look at the components to see what era they are.  If it is 
> 70's or 80's Raytheon made a lot of airline res terminal type equipment.

Not finding any clear indication of dates from the boards.  Some of the 
if I'm reading them correct look date coded in 1982.

CPU board has 8085 cpu, a D3242 ? HM4864P-2 (16 of them)

who is TEC ? (maker of the boards... nothing anywhere stamped raytheon data
systems, etc on the boards)

> I know that Univac / Unisys had the TWA concession and had something 
> called UTS40 (I think) that had a z80 in it and with a huge over 
> engineered subsystem could run CP/M  But they had usually horrible com 
> gear type hardware to do all the crap that the Reservation systems 
> could do.
> Sometimes they had local data needs which had to be update, hence the 
> floppies.  Data such as flight numbers or network configuration data 
> would be loaded locally, to save network time.
> This sort of fits with the 10 / 12 pitch info too, in that there would 
> have been report / ticket generation capability by adding a printer.
> I found a google hit that Raytheon Data Systems was formed in 1971 by 
> merging information processing and terminal manufacturing divisions, 
> which I think is where the RDS comes from (obviously)
> Jim

Well, I doubt anyone would be interested in this (especially since it is 
missing the
keyboard, it is in unknown operational condition, and I'd assume needed 
to boot
from diskette (as there is only one 2716 EPROM).

Gutted it would make a spiffy PC conversion.... (just to put something 
'runnable' in
a really cool retro case).  This isn't something I like... as I've seen 
ppl wreck nice
gear to do that.... but this is pretty useless, doubtful has much 
interest, and is missing
stuff that would even allow it to be toyed with).

Was hoping the boards would be some std boards globbed together for the 
(since everything wasn't smeared with Raytheon/RDS inside).

-- Curt

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