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Sun Nov 18 01:02:57 CST 2007

Chuck Guzis wrote:
> They weren't that hard to find.  My first EGA monitor was a Sony CPD-

Key word here being "weren't".  They sure are hard to find *now*.  I 
don't know where this list finds these miracle recyclers, but I am in 
the chicagoland suburbs and every goodwill, computer recycler, etc. 
simply doesn't have this neat stuff.  Jason T. has been diligent in 
combing through the local Craigslist but I am relegated to pawing 
through the remains of Bell 
Naperville/Lisle campus buildings, where I am currently employed.

(And before anyway asks, I can't remove stuff off-campus, sorry.  But 
it's not that interesting -- mostly common Sparc 20/Ultra-5 parts and 
various non-trinitron monitors.)
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