*updating* 8088's

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>  >....but the 8088/86 was available as high as 20mhz IIRC,
>  >or possibly even a bit higher....
>Hmm, I don't ever recall seeing an XT running at anything like that sort of 

The higest teh 8088 got in PC or clone was 12mhz.  The faster parts appeared 
later and for the embedded cpu market.

>Most "Turbo XT" motherboards which I saw topped out at 10MHz, though I have 
>a vague recollection of hearing about a manufacturer which produced a 14MHz 
>(or possibly even 16MHz) board and then had to quickly withdraw it due to 
>MAJOR instability problems.

the biggest problem with XT and fast was teh ISA-8 bus was 8Mhz max and 
many older cards would get unhappy at another over that.  So you set the 
bios for lots of waits slowing the system.

>If you wanted anything faster you generally had to go to a '286 or better.

more or less th case.


>  TTFN - Pete.

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