Documentation for the AT&T Sceptre Videotex terminal

woodelf bfranchuk at
Wed Nov 21 13:00:19 CST 2007

Richard wrote:

>> Well, yes, obviously the location is the issue, but it is still just another
>> tedious MS-bash; I've got an APL keyboard here, and I think every
>> "classic" terminal or computer keyboard I have here is different in
>> some "improved" way but I don't hear complaints about that, or all the 
>> different PC layouts, especially the enter, backspace and \ keys.
> Exactly.
I did ... see windows keyboards. But then I am cheap, I don't spend
money on a real keyboard. Not that I have seen a modern keyboard I did like.

> Particularly since it was claimed that *any* keyboard with a Win key
> is the #1 awful keyboard.  Give me a fsckin' break.  There are plenty
> of keyboards that are much worse than that -- there are keyboards that
> require you to lift your fingers off the home keys in order to reach
> CTRL, for instance.  Try that with emacs.  There are plenty of
> keyboards that don't let you type lower case.  And so-on.

So where is your stock of classic keyboards? They only keyboards
I can think of that are not lowercase today is your TTY's.
Ben alias woodelf
PS. No comments about where to buy a better keyboard... I am broke
until after the new year.

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