Documentation for the AT&T Sceptre Videotex terminal

Mark Meiss chaosotter76 at
Wed Nov 21 13:09:24 CST 2007

On Nov 20, 2007 4:36 PM, Mark Meiss <chaosotter76 at> wrote:
> I've yet to crack the case, but based on a few scraps of information
> I've seen, I think the CPU may be an 8085 -- clocked at what speed, I
> don't know.  The thing first retailed in 1983 for $900, soon cut down
> to $600.

As a follow-up to myself, the case has been cracked -- it's got an
8088 for the processor, with a 6845 for video output.  Unfortunately,
despite my attempted gentle touch, video output has gone out for the
time being.  It looks like a repair job for the weekend -- shouldn't
be too difficult; the boards are easy to trace and everything is
socketed or thru-hole.

Interestingly, the ROMs are labeled as being from 3/85 rather than
1983, and there's an indication that the system may have been upgraded
for 4800 bps operation.

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