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Wed Nov 21 18:03:30 CST 2007

On 19/11/07 14:23, "Allison" <ajp166 at> wrote:

> If the VAXmates have the optional hard disk box mind the cooling if RD32
> (ST250? 40mb) as it ran very hot and tended to fail.  The RD31 (st225 20mb)
> was lower power, cooler and far more reliable.

This is why I've kept some ST225s behind. I'm pretty sure both VAXmates are
hard driveless, though I can't really speak for the boxed one as I've never
really delved in further than below the top foam :)
> If you make it operational the VAXmate was a PCSA(Pathworks) terminal
> with Ethernet access to shared and private files on VAX/OpenVMS.  The
> result made it a very useful system.  Typical VAXmate had 2MB of ram
> some had 4, back then that was a large amount.

Yep, the one I remember using was a PCSA terminal. This was shortly before
we went through the sheer pain of a PCSA to LANMAN migration with Pathworks
V5, that's a few weekends of my life I'm not going to get back, heh.

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