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>If I may ask, what was glitchy about video modes in Windows 3.1?  I ran 
>it at 640x480 for years without any obvious video issues...

Same here, I still have a copy running on a laptop at that resolution.

>As an aside, I had Win95 running on EGA for awhile just as an 
>experiment.  On a 386sx-20 with 4mb ram on a 65MB Miniscribe MFM drive.  
>It ran, but that's about the only good thing I can attribute to the 
>experience ;).

Not enough ram, at 8mb it become moderately useful.  I used to make 
headless print network servers that way.  Install 95B, strip out OE/IE
and cruft install laser printer driver put on net.  It usually fits 
well in 100MB.  Prefered CPU for that was any of the miniboard 386 or 
486s but one time I had a 386sx/16 brick and used it with good results 
(it was a slow printer to start with).  The boards with 86sx were best
cooling was never an issue so the fans could fail and CPU coolers 
were not needed.


>Fred Cisin wrote:
>>>> 3.00 would (and did) run on 8088. One of the font editors that I used
>> On Wed, 21 Nov 2007, Sridhar Ayengar wrote:
>>> Not only that, it worked properly with a CGA.
>> 3.10 would also work with CGA, but like all video modes, it was somewhat
>> glitchy.  It appears to me that 3.10 was written by people using
>> 800 x 600.  With a little playing around, it's probably not too hard to
>> determine which video board they used.

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