PDP-11 comm stuff (and more) from a haul available

Jerome H. Fine jhfinedp3k at compsys.to
Sun Nov 25 21:04:00 CST 2007

 >Henk Gooijen wrote:

>second try ... it seems like Outlook Express settings are still not ok ...
>Hope this post is more readable!
Jerome Fine replies:

Your second attempt could actually be read!

>- RT-11 V5.4 SRC micro fiche (#1 - #86)
>  in two envelopes complete with the Bill of Material!
>- complete RT-11 V4 manual set in blue binders
>- complete RT-11 V5 manual set in orange binders
I have been intending to ask Al Kossow if he has been
able to scan copies of the various RT-11 DOC sets.
However, it seems a bit unreasonable to attempt to
scan anything except the latest versions - which are
still copyright - except that it may no longer be possible
to purchase them from Mentec (has anyone recently tried?)

In that situation, DEC always allowed out of print manuals
to be copied - especially if the user already owned a valid
RT-11 license.  If the intended use was non-commercial,
DEC also seemed agreeable, however, now that Mentec/HP are
involved, the situation may be very different.

Note that a complete RT-11 DOC set was about 10,000 pages
starting with V05.00 of RT-11.  For V05.06 of RT-11, there
were 13 binders.  V05.07 was almost identical with the ONLY
difference being the name "COMPAQ" on the heavy paper front
page with the window AND the V05.07 Release Notes - otherwise,
all of the rest of the DOC set was identical to V05.06 DOC set
of RT-11.

As for the SRC fiche, it would be interesting to see if they
are the same as the SRC distribution set of files for V05.04
of RT-11.  Although the actual files are much more useful, the
fiche do serve as a hard copy backup.  Is there any way that
a small file could be used as a comparison?

Sincerely yours,

Jerome Fine
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