IBM 4019 Laser Printer

Roy J. Tellason rtellason at
Mon Nov 26 13:37:57 CST 2007

I have one of these,  and it seems to be a real workhorse,  as is evidenced by 
the status page it kicks out on powerup,  which lists somewhere close to a 
quarter million pages having been printed out...

That status page is a part of the problem.  When I got it I was told that "a 
postscript board" was in it,  and it indeed does seem to speak postscript 
just fine,  but as long as I have that emulation enabled (as opposed to LJ or 
whatever,  I think there were three or four choices altogether) it kicks out 
that page every single time you power it up.  Is there any way to defeat 

Also,  since I switched to using this LJ5 I acquired fairly recently,  on 
pulling the paper out of the IBM it seems that a roller that sits on the top 
of the stack of paper is in the process of turning to goo,  like those 
capstan rollers I see mentioned in here from time to time.  Is there a 
rebuild kit or are replacement parts for this thing available out there 

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