IBM mechnical devices

davis davis at
Tue Nov 27 17:54:54 CST 2007

woodelf wrote:
> M H Stein wrote:
>> But I didn't have anything as modern as a 407; In My Day we only had 
>> 402s!!!
>> BTW, my claim to fame was making it multiply; they said it couldn't 
>> be done, so...
> Has look up " 402 IBM " on the web. That is old stuff, a little more 
> on topic than
> what I have seen lately.
>> Haven't seen any with peripherals on eBay lately though...
> So how many of the those old beasts are still around?
> Ben alias woodelf.
> PS. How did you get it to multiply?
How can you do any business work on hardware that can't multiply? The 
mind boggles!
Jim Davis

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