Amiga TV Out

John Foust jfoust at
Wed Nov 28 07:34:29 CST 2007

At 12:50 AM 11/28/2007, Jim Leonard wrote:
>David Griffith wrote:
>>This reminds me of something that's been bugging me for a while.  What was
>>the thing with a woman's head appearing in a NewTek logo saying "NewTek!"?
>While I've never seen it, I think it's a good bet that the woman was Kiki Stockhammer (

No, I think he's referring to Laura Longfellow, her blonde predecessor,
in an early animated Digiview promotion called "Maxine Headroom",
which you can see on YouTube:

At 06:38 AM 11/28/2007, Doc Shipley wrote:
>John Foust wrote:
>>Once again proving that this list repeats topics and questions
>>every few years and is in desperate need of a Wiki, I quote
>>myself from 2002:
>  Uhhh, like this?
>  :^)

I meant a Wiki that was already full of all these details, like magic.  :-)

- John

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