Teaching kids about computers...

Jim Brain brain at jbrain.com
Wed Nov 28 11:32:24 CST 2007

Jules Richardson wrote:
> I'd still like to find a 'simple' machine for him to play on - 
> something on a par with a 48KB Spectrum; i.e. just ROM/RAM/CPU, 
> keyboard, cassette storage, and TV output. Extra credit for having a 
> 'common' CPU such as the Z80 or 6502 :-) (didn't the 48KB Spectrum 
> sell in the US via Timex? Did it have a 'proper' keyboard? Having 
> something with a 'real' keyboard would be nice...).  Maybe an Apple ][ 
> is a good candidate and still readily obtainable in the US?
I know you stated the 64 may be overkill, but the VIC-20?  A VIC with 
some expansion seems to fit all of your criteria.


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