Old laptop hard drive "goo"

Mr Ian Primus ian_primus at yahoo.com
Thu Nov 29 11:39:39 CST 2007

--- Michael Lee <mikelee at tdh.com> wrote:

> I just received an old-ish (1990) Toshiba T1000LE
> laptop and it wouldn't 
> boot, so I took a look at the hard drive and there
> seems to be some type 
> of goo oozing out of it.  It's a Conner hard drive,
> nothing too abnormal.
> I didn't think a hard drive contained anything that
> could ooze out.  Any 
> idea what it could be and does that mean the drive
> is pretty much 
> toast?  Let the magic goo out?

Hmm, sounds like a bad valve cover seal. Perhaps the
cover wasn't tightened properly when the timing belt
was last changed. How many miles are on this again?

No, but seriously, is it coming out from between the
two halves, or is it just on the outside? I know that
I have seen some machines where they put a rubber
bumper or guard on/near the hard drive, to hold is
secure inside the computer, and the rubber had turned
to goo. Or, there is a rubber gasket between the
halves of the drive, and that could very well have
turned to goo over time. At least some drives *cough*
RD53/Micropolis *cough* had a rubber head stop that
often turns to goo with age. It's not likely to leak
out though. ISTR the Macintosh portable having a
really unreliable Conner 3.5" 40mb SCSI drive (with a
screwy pinout), that was gooey in mine. Long time ago
though, could have been caused by something else, like
a coke spilled into the computer. I distinctly
remember gooey in there though.


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