DoveBid Phoenix, AZ (4x) PDP 11/04 $1700, Ends Thursday 11/29/07 10:36 AM PST

Patrick Finnegan pat at
Thu Nov 29 15:48:57 CST 2007

On Thursday 29 November 2007, Richard wrote:
> Looks like noone else wanted to pay that much either.  I don't know
> where they came up with a price like $1700 for 4 11/04s ($425 ea?),
> particularly since there are no peripherals and working state is
> unknown and you can't preview in person.  I haven't been tracking
> 11/0x prices on ebay, but a couple years back I bought an 11/03
> w/dual RL01s, LA-120, VT-100, manuals, paper for LA-120, etc. all for
> $500, so $425 ea. for 11/04s in an unknown state seems a little high.

An 11/04 is somewhat more desirable of a machine than the 11/03 is (it's 
UNIBUS instead of QBUS), but you still lack the MMU, and only have a 
calculator-keypad frontpanel instead of a full lights and toggles 
frontpane, and it's relatively slow.  So, it's not generally all that 
desirable to people, compared to something like an 11/83, or even an 
11/10, or 11/34.

Of course, who knows if they even had any board in them still.

I'd guess that if they were actually complete, and mostly working (but 
without any interesting I/O boards), $150-$250 ea wouldn't be too far 
out of line.  I/O boards could dramatically raise the value of the 
system, though... eg, if there were a SCSI controller or something in 
the systems.

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