DoveBid Phoenix, AZ (4x) PDP 11/04 $1700, Ends Thursday 11/29/07 10:36 AM PST

Richard legalize at
Thu Nov 29 23:19:06 CST 2007

In article <200711291853.44349.pat at>,
    Patrick Finnegan <pat at>  writes:

> By guessing, it looks like one CPU board, the front-panel controller, 
> two (memory?) boards, some other I/O board (probably console port), and 
> a BC11 unibus cable going out the chassis.

There was only one photo of one of the 11/04s showing the boards.  So
who knows whats in the other 3 systems.

I've seen items re-listed on dovebid at drastically reduced prices
when the initial offering resulted in no bids, as this lot did.  So
maybe next time its listed, it will be a bargain.

Remember that you *can* contact the seller via dovebid, but they don't
always reply.
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