Amiga TV Out

Tony Duell ard at
Fri Nov 30 18:27:39 CST 2007

> On Wed, 28 Nov 2007, Jim Leonard wrote:
> >> Does anybody know which ones and could they do PAL or just NTSC?
> >
> > All models except the A4000 (and maybe the A3000, but I'm not sure) were made 
> > in NTSC or PAL specific versions, with a different color generator and 
> > crystal to match.  The A4000 had a jumper on the motherboard that selected 
> > either NTSC or PAL timings.
> ..."There ain't such thing as NTSC or PAL timings"... only video timings 
> and optionally a color carrier of some kind.

Correct. There are certainly 525-line PAL standards. And it wouldn't 
suprise me if there wasn't a 625-line colour system using NTSC-lke encoding.

And PAL does not imply a 4.43MHz colur subcarrier either. There are PAL 
standards with 35...MHz carriers. 

> The only model that could output a NTSC or PAL signal was the Amiga 1000. 
> Early European models did NTSC, newer ones (like mine) did PAL. With the 
> appearance of the 500/2000 in spring 1987 Commodore removed the color 
> generator from the machines so they only output a monochrome BAS (VBS) 
> instead of an FBAS (CVBS) signal. No color, no NTSC nor PAL, i.e. signals 
> without color carrier are neither NTSC nor PAL.

Unfortunately, people tend to use 'NTSC' to mean 'RS170 video timings' 
(which might be reasonable, did RS-170 come from the National Television 
Standards Committee?) and 'PAL' to mean System B/G/I timings. No I don't 
like it either (I tend to say 'US' or 'European' video, which while not 
precise is at least not technically wrong).


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