Commodore 64 PSUs

Jim Brain brain at
Fri Nov 30 18:04:28 CST 2007

Jules Richardson wrote:
> Jim Brain wrote:
>>>  > pics?  I'm not sure I recall a wedge-shaped PSU.
>>> OK, look here:
>>> The PSU I'm referring to is the leftmost one of the three in that 
>>> picture; I've always called them "wedge shaped", but I suppose 
>>> "cheese block" would be closer to the mark, LOL.
>> Wow, never seen anything like that.  The ones on the right and middle 
>> are all I know as PSUs.  Ya learn something new every day.
> Jumping in...
> Curious. For 'old shape' C64 machines, I've never seen anything 
> *except* the wedge-shape design - I didn't know anything else existed 
> until the time when CBM re-did the machine case itself. Isn't it 
> exactly the same shell as the Plus/4 PSU, but in beige rather than black?
THis is all I have here for old-style 64 PS:

Now, I only know this as the PS for the Plus/4:

This interesting unit I have seen on VICs:

Of course, while searching, I came upon this item I have never seen.  
Another day of learning.  I want one!

I have a rounded (non-fin) 2 prong VIC PS in storage, but I can't find 
good pics online, so take my word at present that such rounded 
non-finned beasts exist.

Truly trivial, but oh well.


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