two multibus systems in Pasadena need homes

dwight elvey dkelvey at
Mon Oct 1 07:42:04 CDT 2007

> From: dgriffi at> > > Sorry about the short notice on this...> > I will be down in the LA/Pasadena area on Monday October 1 to pick up> another load of stuff to liquidate. Among the items are two Intel> Multibus systems. I have not yet examined these systems, but the owner> (the same one who had the Nova 4 mini) tells me that they're ready to boot> if you have some boot media. Each is in a rackmount case about 20 inches> cubed. No boot media or docs appear to be present.> > If you're in the LA area and are interested in one or both, please email> me immediately. I will describe the machines to you on the phone when I> see them and then if you decide to buy them, I'll deliver them for gas> money (range within reason). The machines are in Glendora.> Hi
 If they are Intel boxes and rack mounted, they are most
likely MDS800s. These are really nice machines. If I didn't already
have one, I'd be able to justify getting one to the wife.
 If this is what they are, the first CP/M was written for this
 These may even have 8086 boards in them but should have
a 8080 or 8085 board as well. Since they are rack mounted,
it is not to likely that they have ICE boards with them because
the cables need to be short.
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