Apple ][ (clone) disk booting

Alexandre Souza alexandre-listas at
Tue Oct 2 08:39:51 CDT 2007

> I developed a very rough but surprisingly functional test for bad 
> alignment; putting a little pressure on the head carrier (or spiral disk) 
> to move it a tiny amount in each direction was often enough to bring track 
> zero close enough to alignment that the drive would spring into life. If 
> that worked, at least I knew that the drive was basically functional, and 
> probably just needed an align. I also need to track down info on how to 
> align those spiral-disk-head-drive type mechanisms (Shugart? or were they 
> ALPS? I forget). I used to know this stuff once, but that was a long time 
> ago, and it's just not coming back on its own.

    A very common procedure here in Brazil in the apple days: Put the drive 
to be aligned as the #2 drive. Load up Locksmith 6 on the drive 1 and try to 
read a disk in drive 2. Loose the screws on the stepper motor and turn it 
cw/ccw up when all the sectors read right. Try 2 or 3 different disks 
(commercial software is great for that!) and tight the screws. You're done! 

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