Setting up a VAXstation

Mike Shields shieldsm at
Tue Oct 2 20:08:42 CDT 2007

On 10/2/07, Zane H. Healy <healyzh at> wrote:
> At 4:54 PM +0100 9/30/07, Jules Richardson wrote:
> >Jason T wrote:
> >>My 3100/30 boots fine off the Hobbyist VMS disc using my
> >>boots-anything Apple CD300 (aka Sony) drive.
> >
> >You got there first :-) Pulls of drives from old Apple systems seem
> >like a good bet - I've used a few on various machines which need a
> >512 byte block size. I normally use an Apple CD600, but it isn't
> >quite perfect - some SGI systems don't like it for some reason
> >(others do, as does everything non-SGI I've hooked it up to)
> I've had very good luck with an external Panasonic 4x CD-ROM drive I
> purchased new in '95 for my PowerBook 520c.  It has worked on
> everything I've connected it to.  I've used it on both a Mac and PC
> laptop, and on numerous DEC, SUN, and Amiga systems.  My only SGI
> systems have built in CD-ROM's.  Another likely source would be old
> Sun Hardware.

Maybe I've just been really lucky, but I've been using a Toshiba 40x SCSI
cdrom in Sony external case to boot Suns, SGIs, and Macs for quite some
time. It also works great on my Amigas and PCs. I read all this about using
old drives, but then just gave the Toshiba a shot, and it's worked ever
since. As a bonus, being a (somewhat, maybe 5 or 6 years old) recent drive,
it reads CD-R copies of discs so I can leave the originals in safekeeping.

Guess I just lucked out and it supports 512-byte blocks?


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