Setting up a VAXstation

Pete Edwards stimpy.u.idiot at
Wed Oct 3 08:34:26 CDT 2007

> > here, folks. I'm not going to spend £20 or £30 on
> > getting or making a
> > cable for a 99p computer!
> Ah, that's right - you're in the UK so the telephone
> cables won't be the same. Actually, you _might_ be
> able  to take an Ethernet cable, file off the clip and
> file both sides to make it fit. If you can keep the
> pins centered properly after filing, it should work.
> -Ian

There's plenty of telephone kit in the UK that does use RJ11, look on
answering machines and especially external modems - they nearly always came
with an RJ11-BT  adaptor cable.
A lot of modern laptop internal modems seem to have RJ11 sockets too.

Pete Edwards
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