MUFFIN (was Apple II (clone) booting)

Jim Leonard trixter at
Thu Oct 4 22:58:39 CDT 2007

David Griffith wrote:
> Stuff from Interplay frequently had files named BURGER which had something
> to do with a programmer so nicknamed.

That was Bill "Burger" Heineman, so named because he was fond of keeping 
burgers in his desk drawers so he could eat without having to take a 
programming break.  I don't recall what kind of burgers, but they were 
probably McDonald's because those are the only fast-food burgers I can 
think of that would still be edible after having been in a desk drawer 
for a few hours.

As what seems to be a trend with classic game programmers (Bunten, 
Mataga, etc.), "he" is now a "she" and can be found online as Rebecca 
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