Apple Profiles...

Jules Richardson julesrichardsonuk at
Fri Oct 5 17:14:43 CDT 2007

Anyone happen to know:

a) The correct voltage* for the supply to the HDA (ST506),

b) Whether the comms cable is wired straight through? (This for an Apple /// 
Profile - I'm not sure if the Lisa variant is different in this regard). I'm 
pretty sure I just used a straight-through cable many years ago, but 
confirmation would be nice.

* I'm getting +16VDC on the one here (with the logic supply given a suitable 
dummy load so that it produces a regulated +5VDC). I don't particularly want 
to toast the HDA if that's supposed to be something like 12VDC...  possible 
that the supplies are essentially separate I suppose, and the HDA output needs 
its own load before it'll regulate properly.

I thought there was a service manual for the Profile (Lisa or /// I'm not 
sure) floating around a decade or so ago - doesn't seem to show up under 
Google though and it's not on bitsavers :-(



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