Software Find at Thrift

Keys jrkeys at
Fri Oct 5 20:51:05 CDT 2007

While checking out a old hangout I found a copy of IBM's Hollywood software 
Version 1.0 (on 3.5 FD), complete in the box for $1.81 plus tax. There was 
not much else there like it was in the long ago past. Speaking of Hollywood, 
the Hollywood video store near us is closing and I went dumpster driving the 
other night and found that they had tossed all the video game cases that had 
been on display. Most but not all were empty, I found PS2 and PS3 DVD's in 
some of the cases. It got too dark and I had to stop pulling cases from the 
dumpster but there was over 150 cases left in the trash.


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