these RTL or what?

woodelf bfranchuk at
Mon Oct 8 13:11:23 CDT 2007

Allison wrote:

> RX02 works with PDP-8, WD1793 works with Cmos6120 (PDP-8), VAXen and 
> other long word machines are using floppy and other 8bit interfaces.
> VAX 780 microcode was loaded from floppy.

I grew up in alas in a PC world.I got to play with a 8 but that
is about all.

> Most of those systems had already dealt with the 8bit/n-bit issue
> and as devices got larger and space less an issue it became less 
> an issue.  If it were, then PCs would have 32bit wide HDC rather 
> than 16bit.

I like 16 bits for IDE ... You can cut that down to say 12 bits for
your PDP-8. 9 or 12 bits for the cpu depending on what cpu I build.:)

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